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I’m at the lowest point of my life… everything going on in my life is fucked up. I have no one. My family doesn’t care about me at all, they don’t have time to listen to me or talk to me…my love life is all fucked up, the guy I was in love with got back with his ex, I don’t study anything at all these days…my studies are totally fucked up. I’m in a constant state of sadness all the time… every single person I have ever loved in my life never considered me…my friends do not understand me…I cannot share anything with anyone…tell me where to go?? What to do… please pray for me

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Heyy … I can understand everything is going low in your life right now … Soon there will be sunshine in your stormy life …keep hope …
When no one is lifting us up we should get up on our own … Be strong girl 💪💪


trust me i have been their , but now life has been a little better you gotta wait

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