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I’m around 100kg and I feel like shit every day I hate my body I hate how I look I hate how I speak I hate everything about myself I don’t know what should I do how should I lose weight. My family always tells me to lose weight and I always try to but I fail. I just hate feeling like this I want to do something which will make me happy which will make me feel good. It hurts a lot to hear this from everyone.


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Hii! i am 100 too!, and i hate it too, and i failed too. and my family say like this too but i don’t hate myself, i just enjoy whatever or whoever i am! i celebrates my presence because one day i’ll eventually lose it, and i want to see their faces! i can and i will, even if i fail thousand times!


I feel the same way.
No question it’s a hell of a lot easier said than done, but what I learned from my funny, ultra-popular cousin was that presenting myself as someone who really doesn’t care gained me respect and self-confidence over time, even if my body never changes.

It definitely made me think she was a god, that’s for sure. 😂👌