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im angry
i live with my dad and his wife who i cant stand. (im 15f)
i hate her, like i have a very strong hate for this woman. ive had some disturbing thoughts before about hurting someone but never really wanted to act on them. i want to hurt her. i want to hit her, kick her, anything that makes her hurt for how she treats me. i even think about like killing her. i dont want to but i want her to hurt i want her to leave and never come back im so hurt and lost right now. she makes me hate myself. i want to push her off a cliff and watch her die. or put something shes allergic to in her food. i want her dead. im scared of these feelings and thoughts but i hate her. nobody listens to me. i dont want to go to jail for murder, my favorite aunt was murdered so murder is a touchy subject for me but i jave such a strong hate. PLEASE help me.

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Simran @st1199

We all have someone whom we don’t like/love and want them to be out of our life, right? But, then should we kill them getting down to their standards? Then there won’t be any difference between you and the lady.

You are much better at understanding that what you are thinking is wrong and you don’t want to do all this, but feeling helpless. I can understand.
Talk to your father about this since you love him and you are her child. He will understand. Say to him, what she does and how is it effecting your mental health and well being. Have you tried this as well? If not, try it whenever you are alone with him and in a calm manner so that he sees your pain.

I wish the best for you and happy to help! :)


if you do something to her, like hurting her you might not feel better, you might still feel more pain or guilt. i think you should try some calming methods like meditation. i hope your situation gets better :)

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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