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Bye @goodbye

I’m angry, Frustrated at myself. I feel like i’m so deep in this ocean of void to the point i can’t rise. I feel like i’m suffocating. I’ve never once felt lucky or validated. I’ve tried changing to make others like me but will that truly work? Will that make others like me? I’ve skipped dinners and so much sleep. Dark circles and swollen areas I blame on allergy’s. Though my parents still didn’t notice instead when i tried speaking up they say I shouldn’t have reason to be stressed or sad. They tell me i’m lazy, someone they could never be proud of, the un-smart one, and unlike my sister. Sometimes i wish I was her then would they be proud of the person I am? I want to tell them i’m sorry. I gave up. My mentality has worn out, though physically too. What makes all these other people tick and why can’t I? I’m sorry.

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