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I’m angry at everything and everyone. I hate my job; noone even cares about or acknowledges my presence. I hate my mother and father for verbal and physical abuse. I hate that these abuses have left me physically and emotionally scarred. I hate that I hate myself because of my mental traumas, and flaws due to how others have made me feel.

I’m always in a role where I’m taking care of others…but there’s noone there for me. This includes jobs, I take in more than I can chew…and it always counters me…I think that I’m doing my due diligence, yet I have nothing to show for it…just stress. I wish I could care about and put myself first without feeling guilty…and when I want others to feel the way I do…then I wound up being the bad guy.

It’s to a point where I don’t even care to live anymore. Yes, I have a therapist…but it’s a weird thing where I feel worse when I talk about my ailments and problems…because I know nothing can be done about them…especially not at the drop of a hat…but Im so stressed out now…and I cant bring my focus on the things I want because I’m so stressed about life and work…I dont have kids or a significant other…I dont have friends or pets…my therapist said she would make a letter for me to have an emotional support animal…then i start to feel bad about how that might be an abuse of the system or something… I’m tired of feeling bad…because in the end noone feels bad for me…noone cares when they leave me high and dry…noone cares about how their actiins have affected me…and where im stuck in anger and trying to let it go…but its hard…and I cant focus anymore…I dont believe everything happens for a reason…thats bullshit…its all coincidental…and i just got the short end of the stick and have to deal with it…I dont even care to anymore…my life is meaning less.

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I know it’s hard to counter your own feelings, as much as you observe them they feel bitter about them. But that’s the part of evolution. As for any anything to get cooked THE HEAT is needed, same as to get better at life you need to go through some though times and obviously the one who is going through that heat wont feel comfortable for time-being but If you can embrace it, soon you’ll start seeing meaning in it.

First In this situation I will highly recommend if you can read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Menson. It will help you a lot to deal with your own emotions and whats out of your control.
And check out some vlogs and videos of RJ Vashisth(he talks about the similar issues very smoothly).

If nobody cares for you, You start caring for yourself, work only as much as you are comfortable doing and take proper rest. You already do a lot for other and still feel like noone cares then what can go worse if you start caring about yourself, if you start putting your likes and dislikes with much priority?

Uncertainty keeps space for possibility, so be a little uncertain about the “nothing can be done about your problems”. Keep some space for positive “Maybe”, something can be surely done. Good things take time but worth it.

Be easy and patient on yourself, and instead continuously finding whats bad in life try to focus on whats good around you, even if that’s very small.

And yeah you are doing great, keep sharing or writing your thoughts, how you feeling. When they go to the extreme write them out, let them out of yourself, ones its out of your mind it, you’ll feel relieved and have already won over it half way.

I hope this would help you. 🤗


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