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I’m an average student with no scholarships or anything.I’m tired of begging my college to allow me for the exams. It happens every semester because we’re unable to pay the full fees. And the teachers keep saying clear it. It isn’t that we don’t pay. We do. 40k,50k,25k, 1.2k whatever we can arrange we do pay. But the dues are never decreasing. And the bank won’t even give us loans. I’m frustrated. Really frustrated. I worked my ass off in the internship and the tutoring job i do, saved up every penny i got from the meagre pay. Dont even go out ever as it means expenditure, and walked my way to office, which was roughly 6 kms. I finally saved up almost enough for a graphics card for my course( i need it to run heavy softwares). But somehow, my fees are not cleared and though today is the last day of college submitting the form to the university, they aren’t approving my form. Guess they won’t let me appear for the exams. My parents begged them too. How are we going to arrange INR 173150 right now? In the pandemic itself. It feels bad that I’m even letting my parents experience this and not doing anything about it. I’ve fought till now but I’m giving up slowly. I can’t do this anymore.
An advice to younger generations who are studying in schools and similar right now - Take it from me, study real hard and get scholarships. Save money as much as you can and get those goddamn scholarships. Not studying isn’t going to give you that college degree you need to live your life. Study before it’s too late.

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