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im always feeling horrible cause no one ever listens to me like just of today i was just trying to get my sister to get some sort of punishment for shouting and yelling at me but no one ever listens she just smiles like he never did anything and my parents all believe her this has bin happening since i was 7… i just wanted to share cause its gettin to stressful too me like i have bin crying a lot i just want someone to know how i feel thank you for listening

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hello there, I hope you are okay.
But can you tell me one thing do you anytime feel that your parents love you?
Sometimes it happens that due to some other problem you tend to see your family members as a villain but its not true…don’t they care for you while you are sick…
if they don’t then I must say that the best solution would be telling them that their actions are creating a gap between you and your family.Just try doing this.
hope it helps…
I pray that your life becomes a happy one


thank you so much its getting better i have tried to talk to them as a whole family and it seems like they are catching on to how i feel

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Hey, I hope you are doing ok and you can share whatever you want here. And is there a way that you can talk to your sister for not doing the things that are bothering you.

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Hey there,
I feel what’s happening with you there because it happens to me sometimes.
So don’t worry
Be cool ,be calm
We are the solutions of our problems.
Especially when it happens in our family, I mean discrimination You and I both know that we cannot speak anything to anyone in our family. This means that we have to solve our problem without speaking. So we always have a smile on our face Always be soft It is our inexplicable smile that solves our problems and chooses them as well.
“Keep your smile forever with you”
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