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I’m afraid of what other people will think in the locker room when they see my spine’s damage from bad posture that I’m ashamed about

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Hey , you don’t need to be ashamed of it . Relax . People are ashamed of something that they know they have done something wrong and it’s not at all your fault . So, don’t feel bad about it . Don’t worry about what people will think . Society is there to just pull you back . Only the person who knows you , who knows what you have gone through . these things will never matter . Stop caring for the society.

Be confident and you will be able to do it . You are really strong . Believe in yourself . people will say a lot, but you should know who’s views are really important and on what you should focus on .


if you wish to get in touch , we can do so on instagram or any other social media sites. I will be happy to listen to you and to help you in your problems.


Thank you u really do know what to say💜


My pleasure…I hope you are feeling better . Don’t worry. Life is all about getting over fears . You know na…darr ke aage jeet he 😂😂…
Stay happy 😀
Feel free to get in touch anytime okeyy …
My user name on instagram is

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