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Mark Eni @marki

I’m afraid of suffer if I leave my boyfriend who is on other dating platforms even tho we official. But there he says he is single. I deserve better but to afraid to let it go…i like him so much

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Sachin Sadan @rahul1982

Best of luck

Ameliah Pearl @honey_bee

Hey Mark, if he is doing that I don’t think he is a good one you know.

Mark Eni @marki

I know but i just kinda want him to know how much i care, how can i do that. I told him openly i care about him and he says to me that too. But again does what i don’t like…

Ameliah Pearl @honey_bee

I’m so sorry hun, u’re going through that but I really think he is playing you, sounds rough but its true. If he really cares why would do THAT, right?😥

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Mark Eni @marki

He is saying he wants to be with me even said we could move in together and told about me to his sister and I’ve met his friends. He sometimes gives me reasons to trust but then again does stuff i don’t like. He is indeed playing with my feelings…

A Bari Bari @zainbari



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