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Self HarmThought


No bro don’t do it.
what is your problem?


i’m really insecure


does anything happened?
Most of the casses we hurt ourself either because of someone hurted us or we hurt someone.
Whatever is happened already done. we can’t change.
If you do self harming na again you feel bad later because of your condition either bcoz of pain or situation


Think of yourself as a beautiful painting. There will be warm areas about you, dark strokes somewhere and perfection in another corner. Would you ever destroy or try to break something that is beautiful? Normally you wont. No matter whatever is pulling you down keep reassuring yourself that you are a work of art. you are beautiful. you are perfect. Others don’t decide your worth only you do. Its never too late to stop. A few scars never stole anyones beauty. I hope you feel better about yourself soon.

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