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Me @modest_peanut

I’m actually super confused what to do.
I’m btech student and right now in final year. Placements this year is very low but I some how managed to get internship from a company. But that too during placement time. This internship sucks all my time and I can’t prepare for placement. Even preparing for placements these four months I can’t crack placements. After this year my plan is very much confused. Last month I was preparing for gate and last week I suddenly shifted and started preparing for cat then after getting internship now I’m confused and planning to take gre next year and land to good colleges in us. I’m ultra confused what to do and keep on changing unnecessarily. Someone help me please! I need to focus on one thing but don’t know because now I’m not having any confidence that I will get job through on campus placements.

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Tum phle decide krlo ki job kya krni h tumhe


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