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Tiyabeanie_extr... @tiyabeanieextrasassy

I’m a very private, very feeling person. I don’t trust people easily, after a very traumatic incident with someone I trusted a lot. It’s okay, scars heal. There was one thing that happened a while back that just filled me with this surge of happiness and reassured my faith in loving myself and being loved. 
A very nice friend of mine, whom I had just started getting acquainted with, told me, just out of the blue one day, that he wanted to listen to me play the violin. I’m an amateur violinist and have never felt comfortable about having anybody listen to it. But he insisted, very sweetly, making me feel at ease for sharing this part of myself with him. He said there was something very intimate about having someone play an instrument for you. Or sing. Or paint. Or write. Or just about share a piece of what they’ve poured into through their art. I had not met this person- yet intimacy to him, and surprisingly to me, meant having to share this moment with each other. 
He told me it meant a lot to him that I played for him, just as it meant a lot to me that I could do that, for him. If only trust came through in art, I’d never have to shut my heart out ever again. Here’s hoping ❤️

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I can understand. It’s really hard to trust people after being betrayed by your close friend/relative. But not all people are like that, those that do this kind of thing think of themselves before placing themselves in other’s shoes. I am happy to know that you have started to open your heart to someone. But also from my experience, I would advise not to trust someone one too soon. Try to get to know each other before sharing secrets. May you be blessed with happiness


One thing that I have learnt recently is that vulnerability is not your weakness but it shows that how strong you are.And honestly I too believe that you shouldn’t give yourself too much to anybody but it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be open to those who really cares for you. And believe me it feels great to share even small things that makes you happy.                                                               Also, girl you go!! It takes so much efforts to fight your fears and you are already heading it.


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