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I’m a person who’s not confident in her body. A couple of days ago I posted a picture that I edited beforehand to appear thinner. I feel guilty everyday because that’s not what I actually look like but everyone praised me in the comments. I feel bad because people work hard to look like that and I just photoshopped a picture.

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Shreya Gupta @shreya

It is a very common thing to feel ashamed/uncomfortable with your looks because they do not match a certain beauty standard. But just for once pause and think about all the amazing people you admire. Do you really admire them because of their figure? Or because of their personality? Yes, some people seem more “sexy” due to their awesome figure. But are they your idols or favourite people? You just like them. Like the way they look. Because real admiration comes with personality. So next time you feel uncomfortable with your figure, realize that people are never judging you on the basis of that. They love you for your amazing personality!

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siddharth @siddharth_2004

Becoz we expecting many things from other side


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