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I’m a hardcore introvert. My uni started like 2 months ago. I have one of my closest friend studying with me. We both took the same course. It’s acc nice to have her with me. She’s also an introvert but not as much as me. She gets along with everyone in my class pretty well. I’m the kind of person who never goes and meets people first. I expect people to come n meet me and if they don’t that’s better for me. Cus when I meet new people/strangers I usually make the situation very awkward cus my anxiety starts acting up! So I don’t speak to save me from embarassing myself. This is the Main reason why I can’t make friends. But I want to make new friends so bad I swearrr. So cus of all this I stay at my place, not talking to anyone. While my friend goes and have fun with my classmates. This makes my anxiety even worse. My hands starts shaking and I keep opening my Phone goes thru it and find nothing and close it and repeat it for More than 20 times. Idk what to do. I really want to make new frnds. Can anyone help??

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aprajita @aprajita09

Can you ask your friend who gets along well to introduce you to some of her acquaintances.


Me and my classmates, we did say hi n all here and there but not more than that. Also my friend did tried introducing me to few of them once but they don’t wanna talk to me ig cus I get so awkward


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