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I’m a 26yo guy. My mother was suffering from cancer and died in 2019. Since then, I lost something which I couldn’t get back again. My brother, father everyone was broken as they didn’t saw it was coming. Because, I was with her all time and they didn’t knew much about her condition until the disease caught her more stronger. They were so sensitive to handle it in front of my mother. I couldn’t tell them what’s going on. I handled it for 4 years, going to the hospital,taking care of her etc…
But, what I had was a friend whom keep calling me everyday and gave me support which I needed the most.

Guys, that’s the only reason I stood firmly before my family. If I am broken, I might not be able to get back my family out of depression. Even, I remember the day she died when a single tear didn’t came out of my eyes.

You know what’s the worst thing could happen when you are sad? Its you can’t cry your heart out. I couldn’t. And, I had to keep it all inside me. I became so anxious, depressed and demotivated to survive.

My small or rather big advice to you : cry as you can you want. Share your thoughts with atleast one guy you can trust. Don’t keep everything inside you. Don’t let the sadness turns to madness.

(Pardon my language)


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Crying doesn’t make you weak.


Am so sorry for what happened with you,your mom can’t see you depressed and anxious you know that I know it’s way to hard to even accept such things but for your mom and your family you need to move on and focus on your career get busy be occupied with something you will get all your love back from your mom in unexpected ways don’t be sad please stay strong you have handled so much in a strong way you have to keep doing it even more stronger for your mom she wants to see you and your family happy and it will surely possible only by you:)
God bless you immensely 🙏


More strength and power to you.

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

Hey! There are a couple of things that I want to put it out. Firstly, to feel pain, sadness or suffering has nothing to do with huge drops of tears rolling down your cheeks. Honestly, the way you’ve described your journey is enough to indicate what a difficult time it must have been for you and your family.

Nevertheless, one should not ignore the power of crying it out cause it really helps, but that totally depends from person to person.

But as you said keeping things to ourselves might drive us mad and I am so glad you had that one friend . I can’t stress enough on the fact the we have to get things out of our system to that one person who totally gets us,(I myself,am still working on that)

Lastly, thanks alot for sharing and people like you really inspire me and so many of us.
Wish you all beautiful things in life 🌈❣️


Thanks. It means a lot.


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