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I’m a 21 year old girl. I met a girl online. We used to talk alot. But suddenly one day she started ignoring me without any reason. What should I do?

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If you two are talking on some other social media platforms so I would say just text him asking is everything fine or is there something bothering you.


Exactly the same thing happened to me recently, i can totally understand your situation.
What i learned was:
1 Online relations((relations means any like friendship, brother ,sister, relationship) can work sometimes but most of the times it fails, mostly when you have not met the person after having known each other through online platforms.
2. I know a part of our heart trust the person we met online more than the people we know since ages even if our mind denies. It’s because we know them since many years and their certain behavior makes us not to believe them .But in online you can never see person’s true colors so yes, you trust them more which makes us fall from high expectations at the end.
3.You have to set your mind always that’s it’s their personal choice and they have right to leave you , it’s totally upon their moral behavior and views towards the relation they make online. So, you have to be prepared for everything possible that might happen as their is no guarantee to anything.
4. If she has no reason for ignoring you, it might me because she has found someone else to talk and you have no authorization on her, Just deal with this situation and normalize it. Dont think it’s a very abnormal thing what she did, Try NORMALIZING it, i swear you are gonnna face these things more because you are just 21, you still have lot of experiences to deal with .

At the end, make new friends, talk to whoever you feel good. Believe in spontaneity rather than stability sometimes.

If you really really want her back, confess that you don’t want to end this friendship and it’s totally heartbreaking for you and even after that, she ignores means that she is not considerate about you , move on !


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