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yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

I’m 30 and still cannot make my own independent decision based on my life choices. Reason? Parents involvement. I had heard that sometimes to get somewhere u have to sacrifice something and that’s real. I know that many have done so. But in my case, if I have to choose my life I have to sacrifice my dear and loved ones’care and happiness, let’s call it detachment to their love and care for us. And some may agree with this.
Now I’m sensitive and emotional by nature. If I choose my life against my parents expectations towards me, my emotions get in between. The thoughts rush through my mind " what if I regret to go against my parents. What if my parents will be unhappy all the time. What if my parents completely ignore me and etc" these thoughts scare me. I don’t know what to do. I’m so lost !

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anuj @anujvohra

Stay relaxed and keep everyone together…take decisions and keep everyone informed…make a balance

yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

Saying this is easy and I’m tired of hearing it. If I had known it I could have done it already in calm wat. If only I can just get real answers

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anuj @anujvohra

There are no real or wrong answers…you have to find one from any one of them and decide accordingly. Also, the advise is given based on limited information…take care

Maina @maina

Why do I feel you are a second me? Yeah…totally can feel it.


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