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I’m 29…
Want to marry the love of my life. He’s a great guy, but he’s busy all the time… a workaholic.
My parents like the guy, but can’t get over the face that he’s sindhi and I’m marwari.

He loves me back too… Mann bhar ke.
But, I just feel alone sometime…
And don’t know what to do 🥺

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Sindhi and workaholic? Are these two words always together? The last girl I dated was the same, had tons of feelings for her, but she broke up cause she felt as if I was interfering her work life by caring too much. Shit happens.
But good to know that at least he’s taking a stand to be there for you, by accepting to marry you. See, this loneliness is scary, so I want you to keep yourself engaged in some or the other activities, movies, series, books or anything. Just when you start feeling you’re along, get busy. Or reach to a friend to talk. It helps. ❤️


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