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Domestic AbuseThought


I’m 23 living at my father’s house and I have no job and I didn’t finish my law degree. I have no where else to go and today , not for the first time, grabbed me by the neck because I talked back to him. It still hurts and I asked him in front of my sister why he did that, he flat out denied it and 5 minutes later he’s telling his girlfriend about it and their laughing it even though she was there for the vocal part of the altercation. I wish I had some else to go.

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Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through this. I wish I could do something to help you out right now. Is there any other distant family member you and your sister can go to for support? I don’t think it’ll be the wisest decision to stay in the same house anymore. Please consider filing a complaint as well and do take support from another family member. please take care!


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