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I’m 23. I recently came to know that I have adhd and it is untreated since my childhood. I’m so much confused right now. When I look back at my past all those things which I couldn’t accomplish and considered myself as a failure. After knowing about this adhd I came to know that’s how my brain programmed originally and I can’t change anything about it. I interlinked everything happened in my past behaviours and I came to know why am I like this. I’ll probably look for diagnosis and consult any psychiatrist. Any adhd suffering people here

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I am 23 too. Do you wanna share experiences on this matter?

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durvankur @itsdurvankur_

I wanna tell you that it’s okay,
give your self time,
Prioritise your self, indulge in activities which make you happy exciting or new learnings
Meditation will help you alot ,try doing some breathing exercises,
Go out see the sun rise every morning ( it will make you feel better + lot of benefits )
Keep a journal write your thoughts
The more you focus on something the bigger it gets
So focus on goals, good habits ,
I hope you doing well


I’m 23 with ADHD as well
Be glad you found out.
You need to do activities that increase dopamine levels naturally such as exercise, music, going out in the sun,completing tasks, meditation etc.
This will keep you going and get a confirmation from a psychologist soon.


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