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I’m 23 and I’m still single.
I have never been in intimate relationship.
I thought I’m happy being single. But, hell no…
Though I have a caring mother nd father, I feel empty most of the time. Also am craving for someone with whom I could speak for hours, hug, kiss and cuddle.
I’m afraid that I would turn into a despo.

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Vignesh @vignesh

In this world no one is so call despo may be selfish but not despo


Hey, it’s okay to feel lonely at point of times. I know you feel a void and you want to experience the life of a relationship but trust me give it time. Just when you give up the hope of looking for love it finds your way to you. Craving is in human nature and trust me you won’t be termed as a desperate person. Trust the timing and for now start loving yourself because there’s a significant destined for everyone and I’m sure yours is on her way.


Thank you


Hey! It’s alright if you feel that you’re in need of love because this is the age where we all crave for love, though we think that we can manage with family and friends but at some point of time that’s not enough because we all have physical needs (which is pretty natural). So if you’re looking for someone who can hold your hand for a while and be with you, that’s completely okay. Do not refrain yourself from being with anyone. It’s not necessary to be in any physical relationship if you do not wish or if you’re not comfortable, there are many people who opt not to indulge in intimate relationship until and unless they’re ready, so it’s fine. And even if you get into all this, YOU’RE NOT A DESPERATE PERSON… It’s a need for any living being. So, go ahead and be with someone. Yeah! But I would suggest do not be with someone who might use you, know that person well and be with them only if you have positive vibes. Good luck finding someone who is best for you. :)


Need u as a friend !!


Sure, I will be glad. 😄
Say whatever is on your mind.


I’m single from last one year…and i have no one who care for me like my potential gf…and also i have no one whom i can flirt with 😋


I’m sorry, I wish I could help but you’re looking at wrong place, not really up for any kind of relationship :) Hope you find someone soon.


I’m not asking for toxic relationship…rather I’m asking for friendship…so can we?


Thank you @neehada for being so kind.


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