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Aaditya @whoaaditya

I’m 22yo!
So if you all read my previous threads you will know my first girl! But right now from 4 weeks I had been hitting on someone else! And I ended up sexting with her on 2nd day itself when things went the wild path, we both ended up in a deep conversation that turned to seduction! And we have been stitching fantasies and speaking it out to each other. Telling the truth I like the girl, but somewhere deep down its hurting, feeling like what if I’m doing wrong to her and its a rebound to the first girl’s doing?
Should I end it, or keep it low or know her? I am not really a big fan of second one like when I look at her photos on Instagram, I don’t find her to be anywhere really pretty, but screw my dark side, we set foot in wrong path getting attached the wrong way! Please if you are reading this, sexting before dating someone is gross!! You will regret!!

I don’t know how to tell her now, I’m tied up to my false commitment in over excitement, how do I explain her all this? I don’t know I can’t block her, she is my batchmate! And moreover best friend of my friend, what would they think of me! I’m so fucked up and dead already!

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You should better maintain distance & tell her that you are no longer interested otherwise you i’ll end up hurting her more. Be real about your feelings :) But be careful with ur words instead of saying * i dont find u pretty* u can say i dont feel that much attracted towards you Try to show some empathy :)


Firstly sexting before dating someone is gross and you’ll regret what you said I completely disagree to that. Now you don’t find her pretty is a different thing. Have a clear talk with her like ask her what she is expecting between you both. If she wants to keep it casually then it’s not wrong. If you think it’s rebound for the first girl then if you still into that first girl then definitely it’ll hurt you.
See if you keep saying false things to her it will hurt her more instead tell her what the truth is even if she gets hurt she’ll at least think and appreciate that you told the truth to her and she won’t feel like you just used her to get a rebound from the first one.
Look if you think that you got attached but it’s in a wrong way then no dear there are lot many ppl who got attached this way and still having great bond with each other. Infact there are some couples who got hooked up on their first date and now for them that’s has turned into their best thing.
Relax you mind don’t get nervous first decide in your mind what you wanna say her put all that into nice and meaningful words and then tell her as you feel comfortable like over text or call or in person.


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