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I’m 21 and I moved to France from Nigeria a few months ago to study. I met a girl, a student of the school who has been so nice to me. We met each other on the school’s Facebook group and been close friends even before I got to France. We started to fall in love with each other and became so close. We almost started dating but just a few weeks ago, she sent a message saying she doesn’t wanna date anymore. She won’t even be close friends with me anymore. I’m really sad about this. She means the whole world to me. Asked her why she decided not to be with me anymore but she says it has nothing to do with me. I really think about her so much

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Oh… I’m sorry to hear that must have been really hard… You should try to move on and focus on yourself… Maybe even try to find someone new… I hope.everything turns out fine for you :) you got this!

mnyenty@gmail.c... @mnyenty

Yea. I wish I can move on but it seem really hard to find someone like her. I guess I got too used to her… she was so much in love with me and always wants to go see me or call me. It feels so strange and lonely for me now. I feel like I may have done something wrong or she found out something bad about which could be absolutely false but I don’t know because she only tells me it’s not my fault

mnyenty@gmail.c... @mnyenty

Thanks you for your response I feel better


Oh… I completely understand how you feel been it that situation myself… You just ahve to open up again and try to not compare others to her… It will be hard and exhausting but I’m sure you got this… It will take time… And maybe start a new hobby and do stuff so you don’t have a lot of free time to think about her and miss her :)


Glad i could help :)

mnyenty@gmail.c... @mnyenty

Okay. Do you think it’s a reason for her to tell me she ain’t interested no more after being together for about 2 months?

mnyenty@gmail.c... @mnyenty

Yea I think so. Maybe she lost interest.


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