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just_me_express... @not_a_loved_one

I’m 20 years old and I haven’t experienced love or first kiss… but my peers and younger ones have already experienced these things…

Am I unlovable?..

Am I not worthy of love?..

What do the guys think about me?

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Mayank @_mayank__

One sided karle

Sidhant Patel @sidhant

I also haven’t done and waiting for that only only life partner


I am 22 and waiting.

Naina Talwar @no_one8

Don’t worry, stop searching for it. It will come to you…keep hope and focus on your life goals😇

king @king_bob

Don’t worry be happy


I think your someone who understands what they need, you want to be loved experience intimacy.
But youe scared to make yourself vulnerable cause you will be hurt.
How do you want to be loved and cared?


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