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I’m 19F and I face troubles when it comes for studying. So much trouble that within the first 15 of my study session I feel super sleepy to the point that I actually slept many times. This happens a lot during my early morning study sessions. So, I thought I wasn’t a morning study girl. I tried to explore more my study mind and started reading in the nights. Doing this my mind went every possible place in the world. I got so distracted that i had more than 2 thoughts in my brain simultaneously. During exams also this happens to me. I know if don’t study now I would fail but still I would do the same. Not only during studying even in the middle of my exam I feel so sleepy and drowsy. In many of my exams I have slept. And because of this I could not score well. I got so fed up of my self, but I had hope so I started with meditation and study techniques they did not work. I hated my self more. I wish I could study well.
Then when nothing was working, I got so angry on my self that I started hating my self to the core. I started crying and weeping and still my mind would think about that movie or food item or anything. Hatred led me to self hurting. I started slapping, peeling my skin near the nails pinching just to focus.
I have loved my self in many aspects but when it comes to studying all my love is gone. What do I do?

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You are just thinking very much and your brain has got no rest. Our brain is very much like the CPU, the more processes you open up, the more it will get heated, the less functional it would be. So, whenever thoughts come along, just keep everything aside and try to concentrate on each thought. Ask them, “Bhai, kya chahta hai tu mujhse”. He won’t have any answer and run away 😂. Jokes apart, but this truth. Replace those stupid thoughts with the dream. Realise that how studying will help you one step closer to your dream


Hey stranger even I have faced this issue a lot of times and trust me you’ll over come that situation soon


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