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Im 19 , I’m in university, and I’ve never been in a relationship. I don’t think there’s a nothing with that. I don’t feel compelled to change that. When I was younger , I was unattractive even for my self. I’m not bitter.
But now in uni, I like a guy. But I keep trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t like him. He’s nice and he’s shown interest. I don’t know if he likes ne or is just nice. He’s shown in interest but idk if it’s just sexual or he really likes my person, but I don’t allow my self to think about liking him. I prefer telling myself that’s not real because the idea of a relationship is very scary. I hate being vulnerable but I also hate that over analyse every feeling have I have. At this rate I’ll never be in any relationship ever.

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I’m 19 and I’ve never had a relationship before… neither my first kiss… I’m in Uni and I like a guy… I over analyse every feeling and thought I have… BUT I like to be vulnerable and emotional and speak freely about what I feel. I think that advice is not really helpful in your/our situation… I’ve received plenty of it and it didn’t help. You have to be the one who decides when is time for a relationship… maybe you’re overthinking it because deep down you are aware that you are trying to rush things just to have a relationship already (I know I did that)… I believe that when you meet the right person for you, even if it’s not gonna be a long term relationship, you just feel like you can be yourself with them and you simply don’t overthink (I hope that’s the case lol), that’s why I gave up on trying to force stuff and obsessing over boys (tho I still do it sometimes)
Well… I hope I was helpful at least a tiny bit :)


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