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Im 18 years old and sometimes all i can feel is anger.Is the type of anger that i don’t know how to control and im usually like this.Is pure madness and all i want to do in that state is to punch someone or something or hurt myself.The most used method is the last one but that’s not always helping.There are moment when i start to cry because i can’t control myself and i yell at people and after i feel guilty.I tried to talk with my family about it but the think im joking.I am seriously thinking about anger problems and the people around me are not helping me to calm down.
The other problem i have is that im loosing my focus and my parents are expecting me to be good at everything and they put so much pressure of me.I think im gonna lose my mind.Can someone, please, tell me what to do?

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I think you need to figure out the reason why you are feeling that emotion (being angry) and then sort out your feelings. If it does not work, maybe divert your attention to the things that can make you happy in that way you can/may gain motivation. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself :) This may not help you but I believe you get pass through that. You can do it:)


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