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I’m 17 and never been in a relationship. I guess you can say that some because I’m an awkward person, and an introvert. I don’t talk to a lot of guys but the ones that I have talked to and believe don’t that in can develop into something more or even into a friendship but never does. And I’m left feeling sad and undesirable each time and it really hurts and I often find my eyes feeling with tears. What am I missing that others have? Is there something wrong with me that no one wants to be close to me. I’m generally a cheerful person and I prefer to see the positive side ofor things and that often makes me appear to others as childish and naive. I hide my pain behind a convincing smile, no one’s able to tell sometimes I’m glad about it. But sometimes I feel all alone. Adding to the fact that I barely have any friends and my best friend does not go to the same school that I do. We barely see each other and I feel like I’m dragging her down. Not to mention she has tons and thousands of friends to rely on. We’re LITERAL opposites and I have a heavy weight of loneliness, sadness and lack of belonging on my shoulders.

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My secret mantra to stay stable is never speak or think negative about oneself! Relationships and friendships are very important parts of your life, what I believe is first find comfort within and then venture out for something/someone else! People who’ll like you won’t find a reason to leave you because sweetheart you aren’t missing a thing🌸
Have an amazing day


I never thought about it in that way. Now I know so thank you!


Don’t compare yourself to others. Your beautiful in your own way and learn to accept it. Maybe your not the one you want to be but don’t let other change you because you want to be loved and accepted, it’s not right. Be you! Love or not! And its okay to be single at your age, your young and there’s a lot of things you may want to explore while waiting for the right time in the right person which you like to be committed.


Thank you so much☺


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