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i’m 15 years old, i’m a girl, and i’m very embarrassed by my body hair… i can’t wear short tshirts, or swimsuits, because i have body hair :(… i always hide my face, because I’m afraid that people will see my hair… how should I do it 😭… I can’t do permanent hair removal… and the wax damages my skin… I’m just too fed up. . I would like to swim like the other girls, and enjoy the summer…

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Ruskin @ruskin

Your hairs don’t define you…
Cherish that you have thoughts to do something…so get those thoughts into action,
You wanna swim! Swim like a fish…
Just forget what people are saying,
Coz someday this fear of people saying can even stop your thoughts…

Rajnikant @rajnikantpatel

kyaa baat hai

Pawan @pps

Believe in yourself bec you know your hair dont plays a role you do --go for the person not show off

Rahul patil @rahulp28

Very nice


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