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I’m 15 and i am just really not ok right now. I’m feeling like my whole family doesn’t even want me and i sometimes want to end it all, but i know ppl out there have it worse than me so i stuck it up. What should i do to help feel better. I just need someone to talk to

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Aishwariya @aishwariya

U have got a whole life ahead…even i am like you…feel like m never good enough for my family…have noone to whom i can go and share my feelings…but i want to tell you one thing…start loving urself…its not at all easy but try doing it everday…it will make you stronger each day …somedays u may feel like giving up but never ever do it…u will get the right people to talk and share ur feelings,it may take time but its better to wait rather than trusting someone wrong.


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