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I’m 14 y/o soon gonna be 15 and feeling like missing out everything due to my awful communication skills. Idk I was always so lonely and had no friends to talk to but lately due to the coronavirus, I’m just sad the whole time. I’m trying to feel happier through watching my fav series which is Skam, but it just makes me lonelier. I don’t know what to do anymore and am so scared of the future and get so stressed about it even tho I’m so young.
I don’t know how to explain this, but I’m kinda imagining another “me” in my mind, which has everything i dont, friends, a family which has time and a bunch of talents. I daydream about the happier “me” in my mind the whole time and I honestly don’t know if I’m just getting absolutely crazy due to this lonelieness.

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I like to watch tv shows too because it makes me feel like I am a part of something. Something bigger than me. It makes me feel that I have something to look forward to and that I am completely involved in the lives of the characters. It’s not wrong, till the time it makes you happy.
Communication skills also are the same as any other skills in life and have to be learnt with practice. Read up on how to improve and try implementing those things. It’s important for you to actively take steps to make your communication better. All the best!


aww! it’s really okay though. everyone are struggling with something and turn it into something positive by focusing on your growth cause i know you can and you will. even if you feel like im just another stranger posting this here, i truly do feel you can improve on your communication skills, your wellbeing. just think that if you give up the future you would be so dissapointed or sad looking back. Im in a process to improve myself andddddd lets do this!!! sending much loves <3


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