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I’m 14. My parents are verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive, my mom way more than my dad. I’ve gotten hit so hard I’ve bled and have gotten bruises. My mom is usually the one that does this, and when I try to talk to my dad about it, he does NOTHING and just shrugs. Both my parents favorite my sister, so much. (this sounds dumb, but this has exceeded usual sibling rivalry.) ex. They are about to buy her a $700 pair of diamond earrings, even though right now she already has ruby ones. I can’t even get $20 to shop with my best friend. I get screamed at every day without fail. “you are so STUPID” “you are SUCH A LIAR” “no wonder you don’t have any friends” (I do) “you mean NOTHING to me,” etc. My sister finds this funny and laughs at me. My dad is fully aware this is happening but does nothing and acts like he doesn’t care. From Oct-Feb my life was a living hell. I almost committed suicide due to many reasons and everything was falling apart so badly. My family did somewhat notice my struggles yet did nothing, and they laughed when my counselor told them I have depression. They just take everything I love. My phone’s been gone for a year because I called them dumb. I can’t ever explain how bad my situation is. It’s not that I’m underfed or I’m living in abysmal conditions, but I don’t know what to do! I’ve considered running away but the cops would catch me so fast. I’ve talked to people about this and when they talk to my parents about it, they LIE and say it’s not true, I’m just rude and stupid, I’m lying, etc. EVERY time I try to get help they shoot it down and they blame it on the fact I’m just pissed my phone’s been gone for a year. I am a little but that is FAR from the reason I need help. If I call cps, my parents will deny EVERYTHING. It’s hard to prove emotional abuse. I know, record the evidence. But, my mom will scream and hit me out of nowhere and for me it is so hard to get to a phone in time. ex. The other day I asked my mom politely if she could be quiet while I was watching a movie because she was talking like crazy. I got hit 3 times and screamed at to move out and buy my own house if I wanted quiet during my favorite movie. I can’t take this anymore. I do have a place to go, but they live an hour away. I’ve tried talking to my family about it. They don’t care. I have such high goals for my future but if I get put into a foster home that disappears. I’m so afraid to be put in one. I know I wouldn’t be able to live in one of them. My parents hate me so much that they refuse to BUY ME A BIKE even though my sister has one. Like what?? I feel like I’m trapped.

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Hi there sweetheart, I am so sorry that you are going through this and that too at such a young age. I can’t even begin to imagine how this must feel and be for you. The fact that you got through it for so many months i.e. Oct-Feb makes me believe that you are such a strong person who is still standing tall even after all this. I want you to believe in this strength that you have and move forward in life. I know we are always told since childhood that we should always love our family but sometimes that family can be so toxic for your mental health that you have no other choice and you feel trapped.
I just want you to know that you can always talk here about what you’re feeling and I’ll be there to hear you out. I wish I could do more though honestly.
I would say, what is that place that you have to go to? Try figuring that out please if you can What’s stopping you from going there? Please take care of yourself. I’ll be praying for everything to get better for you.


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