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I’m 12 turning 13 in July and I just feel like I’m a failure. Thus all started about a month ago when I watched one of my favourite show on Nickelodeon. I have always wanted to act in a show but because of my circumstances like being African and black I feel like a depressed elephant and life is starting to feel not good. Im just breaking down and if there was a happiness level out of 100 I would probably have 24 going down. I’m I just destined not to achieve my dream of acting and being a singer? My life seems meaningless and I am getting more and more weaker by the second. I wish I can find support in this website or else I think death is the answer.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Hey, thats such a strong feeling in that age. You have bunch of stuff coming in front of you that you need to gather up for. Be prepared. People around you might be judgemental, might be negative, might not support you but you should always have a faith in you and you should actually try and try to achieve your goals. There is no end, its just starting.
Let people say stuff, but you don’t have to focus on that…You focus on yourself, your singing, your acting.
Act in front of mirror and try singing loud in your room.
There might be no opportunity for you until later:) But that doesn’t mean that there will never be one.
Its a long journey my girl…


Thanks for the support


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