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I’ll take this one last chance. One last. Then if I fail I’ll end it all. It sucks to be not good at anything but only average and on top of that poor. 6 months from now. Till my 24th birthday I got my time to see if I’m able to bring any change at all. I promise to give it my best for sure for what I wanna achieve. If I do well I’ll never think of doing something like this ever again but if I fail, this time I won’t think about others to stop myself,even though I’ll be extremely sorry but I’ll choose myself and my peace through death. I’ll be journaling the whole process throughout this time period to keep track. Best of luck to myself <3

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Everything will turn out right🩷

Naina Talwar @no_one8

Hey beautiful person there! Good for nothing is just an illusion, the world is not so limited, go and explore, you can always find something, please don’t give up because when you try, you know that there is 50% chance of success, but if you give up, you already know the result that it’s 0% success, which one would you choose? Choose wisely and please, if you’re feeling that low, contact Now&Me experts for professional advice! Big huggies🤗🤗 you’re a brave one that you’ve survived during all these, so never lose hope, take life as a challenge and fight till you win! 🤗🤗


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