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I’ll never find my purpose. I see people all the time who are good and love art, music, sports, singing, etc. But I’m not good at anything. I’m not good at any sports nor do I like them. I used to like art but then I realized how much I suck at it and I’ve lost interest. I have never liked music or been good at it. I don’t like reading, and I don’t like writing. I don’t like anything, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me feel proud, I have nothing that I am proud of.

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Hi !! Ofcourse you should feel proud to yourself for trying it . You don’t need to feel guilty by seeing someone who is talented because maybe u are not in that circumstances like them they may have better . You should appreciate yourself for your attempt. You are not feeling proud of yourself maybe because you are comparing your art with some other . Just leave the talent of yourself . Instead of feeling guilty u can use that to improve yourself . Trust yourself you are really capable of doing anything you want . Just go through it . Don’t ask anyone who it is . Rate yourself . Who much you like it and how much you are improving. Record your musics , video your dance , capture your drawings . No one is artist by birth . Give 100 of attempts feel proud for every attempt . I know you can definitely feel proud of yourself every single day ❤️


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