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Ik I am not a good writer but today is my mom’s bday and she is a single parent, so I wrote a short poem for her, tell me how’s it😅🤧

Waqt aane pe mera baap bhi meri maa bani
Meri dost bhi meri maa bani
Jab rishto ne thukraya toh vo rishta bhi meri maa bani
Meri galti pe meri sazah bani
meri acchai pe meri shabashi bani
jab duniya ne dil todha
uss dil ki marham bhi meri maa bani
Mai nhi maanta kisi akeli aurat ko koi sahare ki zarurat hai, kyuki jab duniya ne talware nikaali toh iss mard ki dhaal ek aurat banii

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Srishti @sris

This is so sweet. Read it to your mother and she’ll be too proud of you and happy. 💜💜🌼

Chayan Vani @30_01_2001

Happy Birthday to your Mom buddy 🎂🎊
Wishing her lots of happiness and joy in her life 💕🎊🌸

Chayan Vani @30_01_2001

You wrote it very beautifully ✌️💯

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Happy Birthday to your mother 💖

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