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iget a call from ex, says she still loves me. asks if we can work on this. promises she will mend all the issues. wants me forever.
we talked over call and even did video call.
asks me to note the grudges igot, says we will sort this out.
now its sunday already, almost 2 days passed, nothing from her. ik its weekend, she might had some plans. but this thing is eating my mind up. disturbed!
you tell a person about the love, say things like forever and ever after and then dont show up. ineed peace. since the time we were together to till date, my mind is all fcuked up. and the fun fact, I genuinely love her, and was looking forward to mend things up.

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i totally understand what u r going thru, and sometimes I’ve been called anoying but I think you deserve peace and calm, 2 days it is not normal to avoid talking something serious, you should insist if you can or want, in the things that bothers your mind, with love and respect and it shouldn’t be a problem, give it a try 🖤 I wish you the best

Caminante @caminante

Text her to find out


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