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if your parents invest money in your studies that means thay have the the whole right to take decision of your life. cause my mumma said we invest money in you we have whole right to said or behave the way we want you . she also gave me a example : that a buisness man will ever invest his money to a beggar and the ans was no. they always discourage me. is it wrong to do what you like as an career.

i dont know that what should i think about my own family which every argument says that i m their blood and disappoint them by just behaving my self , just because i always says truth.
i m seriously done with the toxic relation ship. they always blamed me for any thing but they never try to understand that why do i behave , why that question they never ask or try to understand me . they only knows hoe to blame me . after if i dont do what they want then they will say i m good for nothing. they say if ur living with us then u have to tolerate all this .
is it my punishment to rely on my parents financially.
because of them i m having trust issues i m started to be more introvert
some times even i feel hurt or mentally abuse but i dont cry i dont feel like crying anymore.

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I’m 18 years old


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