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Aman @chosenone

If you have to really be with somebody, you have to give up a part of yourself in some way.

So, the English expression,
“falling in love,” is very significant.

You can only fall into it.
You can’t stand in it, you can’t climb in it – you have to fall into it.

One who thinks too much of himself cannot be in a love affair.

Somewhere, you have to surrender a part of yourself to be in a love affair.

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Himanshu @jaggajasoos

Hehe agar wo person willing na hua to itna girayega friendzone karega ki sara fall in love ka bhoot utar jaega fir dhobi ke kutte wala haal hoga na self respect rahegi na achievements to apna kaam karo raste me koi mil Gaya baat karo reciprocity hai effort hai to theek warna bye aur ye girna girana to bilkul ni ye teenagers ke nashe hain jitna giroge utna giraye jaoge apna kaam karte raho pyar hona hoga ho jaega. Poetry world will screw you wo jo poetry me hai wo kuch special moments ki cheez hai aur shayaron ki aadat hai lamho ko zindagi bana Dene ki zindagi un lamho se zada hai dost.


Love ‘affair’ sounds shady…just love is better 👀

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Aman @chosenone

You are already messed up with words so…


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