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[ If you have enough time and energy to read this try to help me please. ]

My life wasn’t like this all times this story starts when I was 13-14 years old and is continuing today I have 16 yo, i don’t rly have the best marks at school, but my favorite subject is proggraming and i’m pretty good at this i think. I’m not very social i don’t like to comunicate with others because they are looking weird at me like i’m a freak, idk maybe i am. I never had a girlfriend or first kiss or something like this i think it’s logic if i don’t go to girls that i like to say them this but i just can’t interact with peoples especially with girls. I don’t have a lot of friends i think i have a best friend (he don’t consider me as a best friend bcs he already have 1 so i’m just like other friends for him) and 3 - 4 friends we talk and laught sometimes, but they usualy prefer to spent time with others instead of me i’m like last option. I spend a lot of time stay in front of computer playing video games because i can’t do something better and haveing fun. I have one more problem like this for example when i’m in front of class i’m afraid to don’t say something stupid and all start laugh and teacher will give me a bad mark again or when i’m with a group of people and we sit at the table they talk they laugh and i just listen, sometimes i have something funny or interesting to say in front of them but i’m afraid to say because maybe nobody will laugh or be interested and i’ll feel embarrassing. I have a low self esteem maybe because i think i’m stupid, short and ugly. I didn’t say that to other people, not even to my family that’s why i’m here maybe someone will can help me or say they are in same situation idk maybe i’ll feel better.

{ Maybe i’ll say more details about my story if someone is interested on how i think i’m in this situation. }

[ Sry for my english that isn’t my main language, but i hope you understand enough to help me. ]

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You are in your teenage, this is the time where you find yourself who you truly are.
Talk to parents, siblings and start growing your confidence. You have to find something good where you can spend much of the time like reading, learning new musical instruments, (these helped me in my teenage years). If you do not want to communicate start making your own journal.
And do not worry about your love life , first kiss, lack of self esteem and confidence and career you will do just fine. Believe in yourself. Cheers.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Hey! From what I’ve read, you seem to be super smart. Programming is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you score less academically, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Please believe that. Marks don’t define you. You’re at an age where people affect you a lot. It’s normal, you’re just a teen. But please don’t change yourself because others don’t notice you. I would urge you to not go back into your shell. You’re doing great by still hanging out with them and taking efforts. Keep at it. Building your self confidence is a constant process. You learn, you experience things and you grow. That’s how you’ll become a better person. So don’t be shy to face situations. And we are all here to help you out whenever you need. Lots of love❤️


hi , i read your post and you seem like a sweet person , probably a bit shy that is all. i’m also not very social, it is only my friends who push me to do social activities. don’t be afraid of your shyness. it is quite endearing. teenage can be a confusing time. a lot of children are just friends with each other for the sake of being friends, for the sake of going out, for the sake of having a life. most of these friendships don’t last, as they are mostly on the surface, not deep friendships. in teenage, each one is going through own set of problems, and sometimes moody. therefore they may make fun of you, but don’t take that to heart. if you are close to your family, you should discuss with them also, they can help you gain your confidence. talk to your teacher if she/he is kind and understanding. tell them why you feel afraid, and maybe they can help you too. don’t feel ashamed that you are shy. everyone is shy. don’t be afraid of what others say. you will be able to find someone who understands you a little bit, and sometimes that is enough. very few people have “best” friends, it is just close friends. don’t feel embarrassed of what you say or do, people have no right to judge. the more you feel embarrassed and afraid, the more they will try to put you down. just be cool. do what you are required to do, without thinking about the consequences. and if you are feeling nervous before presenting in class , just say it. that hey everyone, i’m feeling a little nervous as i present, so please bear with me. you have to put yourself out there, because everybody fails at first, and gets laughed at. but the more you keep practicing, the more your fear will go away. take baby steps, to push yourself out of your shy zone a little bit each day. on the way you will meet good people. if you give positive and friendly vibes, you will get the same back from people. don’t try to do anything to please people, because people will never be pleased. just do whatever makes you feel better and calm and good about yourself. you will find a loving girlfriend, and lovely first kiss. i will be rooting for you. you’re such a sweet boy. looks don’t matter, good intentions and good personality is all that matters, and it is very attractive to the right kind of people. you will get there cutie, god bless you ?


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