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Arindam Sarma @arindam_20

If you get some people who helps you everytime you ask or most of the time…we shouldn’t think that they are free or available most of the time or they remain idle all of the time…we don’t know really if they are busy or idle so we shouldn’t allow the thought to come up that they are just available…we shouldn’t say that they should limit their availability for others to make them valuable like most people would say,instead we should value them their honesty,their time that they are spending on us whenever we want them.
Yeah it’s true that the people which are easily available are not valued so much where they should be but we shouldn’t come up first with this thought and further taking them as granted intentionally or unintentionally…

It shouldn’t mean its cheap to be available for others …they are available because they don’t have any negative thought for us…and further they are interested in you …
Interested in the sense…when we are talking to someone there’s should be an interest in between that’s why we are communicating and talking …

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