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If you are a male and you seriously want to get rid of love feelings for a girl, then say this:

I want to get detachment from her. Her love is poison for me. I love myself. I want to set her aside from my thoughts. I belong to no girls. I don’t want to take the responsibility of a boyfriend/husband. My feelings for her are temporary. I don’t want to get bound by her. She is the big black snake of selfishness who has bitten me. That’s why I affirm myself every time that I love her but in actuality, I don’t really love her. I want to burn the concept of love with respect to her. She and her love which I am experiencing is not real when I believe that experience to be love. If I say I am detached from her, then I am so. I don’t have a desire to get married to her. Okay, I experienced a strong feeling with her but I don’t want to belong to her. I want to give up the idea that I love her. Before saying, I love her…I will add a question mark after it “Do I really love her?”
I don’t want to make an effort for her, it’s best that I learn to ignore her. Only small minded people fall in love with the opposite gender.
I want to stay away from her because her love is conditioned, changes with respect to time, can be formed & destroyed, movable from one person to another, fathomable, Perturbable (as she used to give mixed signals - so it’s confusing).
That’s why her love for me is False and this is the truth. I don’t want to fall back into this illusion of love.
There’s also some other great things which I can experience apart from patch up and break up.
Before experiencing love with her, I was happy and alive, so I should make up my mind that I can live without her.

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Sunne main acha hai but vo ek smile karegi aur main fir pighal jaaunga.


toh aisa samjh ki voh tujhe fasaa rahi hai yaa phir tera firki le rahi hai.


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