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aharts @aharts

If this is a place of sharing anonymous depp and hurtful thoughts than why is it denied when you share truths?!

i should be able to share my thoughts, and not to have them approved…isn’t this what this platform is for??

I’m hurt and disappointed.

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aharts @aharts

Well not hurtful thoughts to hurt others, more like getting hurtful things off your chest I meant.

aharts @aharts

I spent almost a half hour typing out a thought to potentially share with someone possibly going through the same and who may relate. Which is the point of this platform. And it was unapproved?? There was nothing but truth statements in my thought…what exactly are the guidelines for sharing thoughts…they have to be filtered… oh my life and life course events have to be “filtered” because they’re too much to share anonymously on this site…how pitiful for a site that claims to have so much empathy and understanding…what a joke if so.


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