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Zainab @zafari

If someone does not prioritise you as much you do them and you stop talking to that person, is it, being childish? Like that person never that but I got to know from a third person (with proofs) that I don’t really matter to him. I mean, am I being unreasonable in calling him out for that and being mad.

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Shynee @shynee_13

No. You are not being childish. You are just putting yourself in a safe place by seperating yourself from a situation that gives you pain everyday. It’s for your own good. And if he doesn’t care, then queen just keep your crown high and move on. And if you are still doubtful, do approach for a clarification. Give it a smooth closure. I hope everything gets better. 💫💞

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NO. It is totally not unreasonable/childish. You deserve time and attention. And it sucks when the other person doesn’t prioritize you and you do. You don’t deserve it. Choose yourself. Self-respect over everything. And this will just hurt you in the end. You are just choosing to not let yourself get hurt and that’s absolutely NORMAL. If you don’t matter to him, leave. Don’t stay there. It’s not worth it. You deserve to be mad. You can try communicating this to him but if it doesn’t get any better, please protect yourself and leave. This is pure toxic behaviour.


Nope . Really not. If anybodys childish its the other person here. Not you though


Of course not! It is completely valid for you to distance yourself from someone after learning that. I know for a fact how painful it can be to be in a relationship where someone cares about you less than you do them, and the best course of action is to just let them go sometimes as the most important thing is taking care of yourself.


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