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Hollow @secretsapien

If some care for me that much where does that go?? Why I don’t feel that care but everyone around her does feel that but not me… Is there any problem with me?? I mean when I’m around her she doesn’t give a fuck about me, she even get uncomfortable when any of her close friend come and sit next to me, I mean is this what we call caring?? 🥺🥺I’m just tired of everything yrr…

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I understand, mate. Sometimes people have their own ways of showing care that might not match our expectations. Maybe she’s not great at expressing it directly, but others see it. It’s worth considering her perspective too. If it’s making you tired, try talking to her calmly about how you feel. Sorting things out can often bring a positive change, yaar.

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Hollow @secretsapien

Thankyou yrr I’ll definitely talk about it…

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