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3am ThoughtsThought


If only i were allowed to be
The real me
I would be happy
I would be the person
I always wanted to be
It’s that easy
Cause I’m not someone
Who could fight his own parents
Just to be what i wanna be
I can’t really make them suffer
I don’t wanna make them regret having me
But what is my mistake in this?
That i don’t get to be me.

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goswami @garvit001

Just believe yourself bro… If u are having problems then ask your parents to give you a time… For whatever you wanna do… Just ask them for a chance… But you have to do your best… In that chance


It’s something that they would never ever be able to accept and ik that, that’s why i just can’t i don’t wanna put them through that

goswami @garvit001

If it is then you have to choose and the choice is yours… It’s gonna to be difficult… But you have to… Bro sometimes we have to sacrifice… Either you have to sacrifice your interests or either your parents choice… But I hope… Whatever you choose… Just don’t regret it… And just keep going


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