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If I’m being honest here, I’m in middle school, I have no friends and I was diagnosed with anxiety, I take a medication for it but I feel like that medication is starting to make my mood go down, if I stop the medication my mood would still be bad, I keep telling my mom that but she never listens. I keep having dreams that people in my school would reach out to me and want to be my friend, but when I wake up and realize it’s a dream, I realize it will never actually happen. I can’t talk to people and I don’t know why, I just wish I was more outgoing because it truly ruins everything.


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Heyyy buddy. But why do u want to make friends when u have urself and ur bright future ahead. You have you mom too


I always see the other people at school laughing all the time, they all eat lunch together and I’m just alone, my school is really tiny so it has under 70 people in it, all of the middle schoolers eat in the same room, I sit in the room that’s always empty, I just wanna be able to talk to people and have sleepovers or just hanging out