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If I had to pick a word to describe how I am feeling right now it would be ‘AHHHH’. I have just started practicing for AP exams, and it honestly feels like too much. For one of the AP’s I am taking I have to hand it a project for it as well as take the test. It’s honestly stressing me out, I have started it and its due on May 20 (so 4 more weeks). I feel like I have nothing for it and keep procrastinating it. I guess I am just looking for comfort right now, I don’t really know. I feel like if I fail this AP my life will end or something bad will happen. I really, really want to do well but I feel like I am on the wrong track with my project.

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First of all, if you fail your life will not end. Life is much greater than some exam.

I dont exactly know how much work you have but seems alot.
What I would have done is make a manageable schedule. Know my capacity. If I can only concentrate for 5 hrs a day, do that and plan accordingly.


BiniBini @binibini

aeyy you got this! 4 weeks is a shitload of time.

Now i’m not saying to let it slide and go brrrr the last week. Just set aside an hour a day
then 1.5 hours and so on and you’ll be done with well in time


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