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Sophie @sophiehope

If I had to chance to redo that day and do something different it would had all happened the same. Maybe I would had even been worse off if this never happened to me. Have you ever thought about that. We wish these terrible things never happened to us but what if they happened to us to prevent an even worse thing from happening. In my case I truly don’t see a worse thing and the worse option I almost wish had happened to me. But I know things could be worse. I could be dead but would it be better that way? I don’t see a future for myself and I want to find someone who loves me. I need love back in my life. When love was radiating from me I felt on top of the world. I need to find love again. How?? I don’t know so many odds are against me. I want a love that consumes me. A love that is so passionate I forget about all the horrible things that are happening to me. I wish I could find my soulmate. Do you believe in soulmates? I do. I believe there is the one for you out there they might be heartbroken too and they need you. Or maybe they are with someone but it won’t last because they are not the one for them. I love you guys and I hope you have a great day and if you got this far thank you for reading.

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Aakifah @kifah


I believe in soulmates too
That somewhere in this world there is someone who was made just for you
Who will fit into your life so perfectly
Who will love you forever that kind of forever in which age, looks and nothing else will ever matter
But I also believe that even though we have soulmates, that happy life we imagine that forever we want isn’t always written for us…
I don’t know if people really do get the forever they want
But if they do well happy them

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Sophie @sophiehope


I agree sometimes soulmates just never meet which makes me so sad because I wished so much that everyone found their person


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