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Lia @leelia

If i could talk to my past self id give her a hug and apologize for treating her so badly, only now i’ve realized that i never did anything wrong to believe i deserved all of the bad things that happened to me, that there’s nothing wrong with me and i’m worth a lot, that i’m incredibly strong for making it through everything and being here today but also incredibly stupid for enduring it with a fake smile on my face, i gotta give myself props, i was very good at lying, i made everyone believe i was fine and they never found out i wasn’t, but i feel sorry for myself who believed i had the need to always hide my feelings, for thinking i was alone, for not seeing those that were always standing behind me, for thinking nobody would understand and for caring so much about what they’d think. I always put others before myself cuz i was afraid others would think i’m a bad person and call me selfish if i stranded out for myself, i hated the idea of that but now i’d rather be called selfish, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Now i know what i actually deserve and i will never settle for less. I’m happier than ever cuz i no longer hate myself at all.

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I think I am like your past self what should I do

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Lia @leelia

I don’t really know what to tell you bc back then I clearly didn’t know what to do either but just know that your existence is precious and time can’t be rewind, once its lost it reminds lost forever so allow yourself to be happy, stop yourself from worrying about things that aren’t really happening atm and take it one day at a time. You need to learn that you’re the most important person in ur life and every time you aren’t nice to yourself you’re causing irreversible damage, you shouldn’t care about anyone more than yourself, even if ur selfish, even if you lose people just don’t lose yourself cuz getting over yourself is much more painful than letting go of anyone else. Try to think about a moment when things were better, maybe you never imagined it back then, that you’d miss those times, don’t take the present life for granted, what i’m trying to say is that tomorrow might be worse than today if all ur doing is waiting for the day things get better, nothing will change untill you change the way that you see yourself and view your life. Give yourself credit even for the smallest efforts and make yourself happy, no one else’s happiness matters more than yours. I would say this to my past self so i’m saying this to you although idk if it’s rlly helpful. You’re doing great and everything will be fine <3

nobody @max_3


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anuj @anujvohra

Okay tk care

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Jay_Kay @pranayjay

If I meet my past self I’ll slap the shit Outta him. That idiot ruined my life.

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Lia @leelia

hahaha i kinda feel you but you shouldn’t be so harsh in yourself, you can’t blame yourself for not knowing better, we are all like that at some point. At least now you’ve learnt a lesson.

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Nomad @fighter453

Can I talk to you… I mean I am going through the same phase

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Lia @leelia

yeah sure, ofc u can!


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